Froggy Fresh Calls Out iDubbbz for MMA Cage Match After Creator Clash Drama

After Creator Clash decided to remove Froggy Fresh, the latter challenged iDubbbz to an MMA cage match. It was a while back when Creator Clash announced that Froggy Fresh was being removed from the card. A post with a lot of drama going on. Currently Froggy Fresh wants to fight iDubbbz in an MMA cage match. But why did the Clash Creator remove Froggy Fresh?

Read on to find out more about Froggy Fresh who wants to fight iDubbbz in an MMA cage match after being eliminated by Creator Clash.

Clash Creator iDubbbz removes the card

It was on March 25 that the official Twitter of the Clash Creator came up with an announcement about Tyler Cassidy or Froggy Fresh that surprised everyone. Yes, the announcement stated that Cassidy will not be fighting Chris Ray Gun. Which has since caused a lot of drama on social media.

The organizers explained why the decision was taken on Cassidy. A job that iDubbbz has now called for battle. However, everyone is curious as to why Clash Creator Tyler Cassidy was removed from the card.

Why did the Clash Creator remove Tyler Cassidy?

Creator Clash surprised everyone when they announced that Tyler will not be fighting Chris Ray Gun. Organizers said the decision to remove him was made due to Cassidy’s recent behaviour. Meanwhile, Cassidy also discovered the reasons for his removal.

Although they did not say any particular action that forced them to make the decision. Besides, Cassidy offered to go on the cards again. But whether or not that would happen is not yet known.

Froggy Fresh wants to fight iDubbbz

When it happened in the post that Froggy Fresh was removed from the Clash Creator card. He is giving updates on social media. In one of his recent tweets which came on April 2nd, he mentioned that he now wants to fight iDubbbz. Although he said he is done with boxing he wants iDubbbz to fight him in MMA.

Yes, Cassidy wants to fight iDubbbz in an MMA cage match. Not only that, he wants that game without helmets, knee pads, and the specials. He even said that he is ready to bulk up to 155 lbs. But then iDubbbz will have to cut down to 160.

Also, for the win condition, he said if he wins against iDubbbz then Cassidy wants iDubbbz and Creator Clash not to sue him for saying he would subscribe to Anisa’s OnlyFans and stay with Sam Hyde. And if iDubbbz wins, Cassidy won’t be signing with Anisa’s OnlyFans.

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