Filmmaker, Jeta Amata raises alarm over his ex wife, Mbong’s whereabout


Nigeria movie Producer and director, Jeta Amata has raised alarm over the disappearance of his ex wife, Mbong Amata.

According to the filmmaker, he has not heard from his ex for a long time and she has not been active on social media for over a year now. He went on to reveal that their daughter, Veno, has been asking after her mum which has made them very worried.

Jeta said that no one seems to know anything about her whereabout and that it is having a negative effect on their daughter. He stated that his daughter wants to be by her mother’s side if she isn’t well.

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He wrote:

Can someone please just ask why Mbong has been gone from social media all year? No one to know anything, and it’s affecting my daughter that no one would tell us. She wants to see her daughter. If she’s not too well, Veno wants to go and be by her side and we need to know to stop worrying”.

The son of his older brother, Fred Amata, Oreva Amata, cautioned him to take down his post as he advised him not to air his family laundry in public.

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Replying Oreva, Jeta Amata inquired why he hasn’t been worried over Mbong  whereabout.

Oreva wrote:

Cousin please take down this post. I love all three of you too much to watch you come to social media to air out your laundry”.

Jeta Amata replied with,

“@revzamata what laundry? When last did you ask for her or speak with her? Why aren’t you worried? You don’t hear from your sister for a long time and you don’t find out why”.




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