Eriata Ese Tackles Celebrities Imitating Singer Davido To Beg Fans For Money


Nollywood actress, Eriata Ese has a word for celebrities publishing their account details online to get money from their fans.

She questioned her fans if they didn’t find it amusing that many celebrities are posting their account details because Davido did it.

She reminded them that Davido has always been a giver, and was only using it as a plot to know how much people love him and can support him.

She told such celebrities imitating the singer to just be truthful yo their fans that they are in need of financial help. She wondered why didn’t post their account details before Davido did so.

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She advised her fellow celebrities to impact people’s life before desiring to be celebrated.

She wrote:

Wait ! Is it not funny how everyone confidently post acc details because davido did it. Incase you don’t know let me tell u something you need to know.

Davido has helped a lot of people, and for the first time he wants to know how far people can really ho for him; more like “make I even see pple way ho show me love”.

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The moral of the story is that : you should be good to people and never think anyone doesn’t deserve better. Learn that part!

Just say you need money and your followers should send you money. You had all the time to post your acc details, why doing it now

Impact in people’s life before you can think you deserve to expect so much from people. Have you ever been someone’s breakthrough?”.


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