DJ Spinall Takes Swipe At Rema As He Praises DJ Neptune


Popular Nigeria Disc Jockey, DJ Spinall has added his two cents on the intellectual property clash between his colleague, DJ Neptune and singer, Rema.

Olorinews reported how Rema called out the DJ for music violation.

DJ Neptune had released his album which featured a song with Rema which got him pissed as he called him out for violation.

He claimed that he wasn’t notified before the song was released and haven’t spoken to him in a while.

With all due respect chief! Dropped my old record without due process?!! I’m not happy at all. @deejayneptune

Don’t violate the codes. can’t drop my song without my notice, can’t even remember the last time we spoke big bro, I pleaded with my managers behind the scenes when y’all tagged me before it dropped, y’all still went ahead! C’mon nau!”.

“This GAME has slapped me too many times on the cheek, I dey quiet because I get people interest to protect and a family to feed. Abeg I sabi mind my business but make nobody vex me o”.

“This GAME! Don’t ride on my humility, there are some things I can’t be talked out of and number 1 is my ART, if you’re not ok with it then if it’s war it’s WAR.
Don j go vex for me, Baba forgive me but this no join at all.
Lastly, TAKE MY SHIT DOWN! I’m finna make new enemies after this, but God big pass INDUSTRY”.

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Reacting to it, Neptune issued out a statement where he set the record straight.

Defending himself, he stated that he had followed the due procedures and had contacted his management and obtained his records.

Sharing screenshots of email between his team and that of Rema’s, he claimed that the clash was clearly a case of miscommunication between Rema and his management since he had informed his team about the album launch and had seeked their consent.

He revealed how he reached out to Rema’s team to explain himself and noted how he couldn’t flag down the song as it would imply flagin down the entire album.

He spoke to his team and they understood that the information was not properly circulated by his manager.

DJ Spinall has proven his loyalty to Neptune as he took swipe at the singer.

He commended the DJ for his efforts into his new album and praises the album’s songs.

He stated that Rema, who he referred to as a “small boy” smirked the wrong one.

He averred that Rema could have called him and handled the issue privately but he chose to prove smart.

It takes a lot to put this together! Insane project brother. I listened again & again …. Well done OG @deejayneptune ….. He could have called you but fuck that kid. He smirked that wrong one !

Nobody is more important than anyone !!!! We all bring something to table …. We are all part of the global scheme of things.
Before you come here to sound like a smart guy…
you can make a phone call ! “.

A Twitter user alleged that the DJ refused playing Rema’s songs at a party.

“DJ Spinall was playing Rema song at a party last night, the next thing he stopped the song and change to another music and was like

“You don’t disrespect DJs, fuck that kid”.

On top this DJ Neptune ish? Nawa o”.


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