Disney Criticized for Exploiting Jeremy Renner’s Accident in New Diane Sawyer Special, Netizens Say

As a result of his snow tree running over him on January 1, 2023, the American actor Jeremy Renner suffered a terrible injury. In addition to blunt chest trauma, he suffered other injuries. The snowman weighed 14,330 pounds, according to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. A helicopter was used to transport the actor to a local hospital, Renown Medical Center. A representative said Renner was critical but stable at the time. After surgery, the actor was admitted to the intensive care unit in critical condition. After recovering from his illness, Renner announced a few weeks later that he had been released from the hospital and had returned home.

Over 30 bones were broken in the accident that injured the star. Although the fans are happy to hear that the actor is recovering, they think that Disney is milking the tragedy by making a special story about it. On April 7, 2023, a special with Renner and Diane Sawyer will be released on Disney +. He will be seen focusing on the accident and discussing a few very private matters with Sawyer. Naturally, fans were very angry with the special and took to Twitter to get down on it.

Disney Criticized for Jeremy Renner’s Accident ‘Blanched’ With the Diane Sawyer Special

There’s no doubt that Jeremy Renner is on the road to recovery, and he’s happy to talk about it. A snowplow accident earlier this year left the Marvel star in critical condition. He will speak with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer for a one-hour special. Trying to prevent his nephew Alexander Fries from being hit by PistenBully’s seven-ton snowplow on New Year’s Day, Renner was seriously injured. While fans are happy with the actor’s recovery, some feel that Disney is capitalizing on the tragedy by airing a special about him. The special will feature an interview between Renner and Diane Sawyer, which will air on Disney+ on April 7, 2023. During the episode, he will be seen opening up to Sawyer about the accident and discussing some very personal topics. Some Disney fans were very angry with the special and took to Twitter to criticize it. Some said it wasn’t necessary, while others said it was just an extra.

Many fans are furious at Disney’s decision to interview Renner after the accident, calling it a money-making ploy. The trailer for the special looks almost parodic. Audience members compared it to the events in Prime Video’s hit series, The Boys, and said that Disney is becoming more like Vought. Many people staged the interview and asked Disney to look for other ways to make money. The ABC News special will highlight footage from Renner’s hospital stay and recovery. Jeremy Renner becomes emotional as he recalls the love and support he received from his family during his hospital stay. I lost a lot of flesh and bone, but I gained love and titanium from this experience, he says. Recently, Jeremy posted a video of himself walking on the antigravity treadmill, expressing, at the moment I need to track down different things to hold my time so that my body can recover from my will #minduful #intended #recovery.

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