Did Joe Biden Mistakenly Call Rolling Fork ‘Rolling Stone’? Fact Check Debunks Viral Video

Joe Biden was in Rolling Fork after a tornado hit the area on March 31 and he mistakenly brought Rolling Stone to town. Since then his speech with a Mississippi hometown accent has gone viral on the internet. Netizens could not stop themselves from reacting to the same.

Read on to learn more about Joe Biden calling out Rolling Fork and Rolling Stone in his speech prompting netizens to react.

Joe Biden visited Rolling Fork after a tornado hit the area

It was a tough time for Mississippi residents when a devastating tornado hit the area including the town of Rolling Fork. Although many lives were lost. There was a lot of destruction of life and property as well.

However, President Joe Biden later visited the affected area including the Mississippi town of Rolling Fork and spoke to the community there. But, the speech given by Biden at Rolling Fork is going viral on the internet because the president was confused with the name of the town of Rolling Fork.

Joe Biden called Rolling Fork Rolling Stone by mistake

As Joe Biden visited the tornado-hit town of Rolling Fork. During his speech, while addressing the community Rolling Fork called the town Rolling Stone name. But he corrected that later. In his speech he said, “I’m making sure you have a place to sleep, food to eat, help you rebuild your life in Rolling Stone”.

He called Rolling Stone in town twice. But, later in his speech, he said “What did I say….. I said Rolling Fork. Rolling Stone. I got my mind going here”.

Netizens react to Joe Biden calling Rolling Fork a Rolling Stone

Since then Joe Biden’s speech at Rolling Fork has gone viral on the internet. Netizens reacting to the President’s mistake. As some on social media went on to criticize Biden for calling Rolling Stone’s Rolling Fork.

Some continued to comment on the same thing on social media. As one person said, “It is very worrying that he has prevented the pronunciation of the town’s name”. Another wrote “such a shame” pointing out the gaffe in Biden’s speech.

But this is not the first such thing that has happened to Joe Biden. Some rumors regarding him go viral on the internet often, which gives the reaction of the netizens on the internet.

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