Daddy Freeze reveals why God is yet to solve Nigeria’s problem despite the rigorous prayers


Nigerian media personality, Daddy greeze has aired his opinion on why the problems in Nigeria is still lingering despite the tons of prayers from religious leaders.

Taking a dig at numerous religious centers in the country, the controversial OAP stated that despite the numerous worship centers in the country, God is still yet to resolve the country’s predicament.

Daddy Freeze states that all efforts of Nigerians would prove abortive if they don’t adhere to God’s commandment.

According to him, he claimed that God is yet to intervened in the country because many have not kept to his Commandment of Love. He went on to state that many pagans country practices the spirit of love and have recorded several successes.

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He said:

If you like engrave a hashtag on your forehead or tattoo it on your lungs and liver. If you don’t obey God’s commandment, he CAN NOT Answer your prayers.

Have you ever wondered why God hasn’t solved Nigeria’s problems despite all your daily marathon prayers and 5 churches per street?

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Because for him to solve our problems we have to obey his son, who gave us a command under God’s blood oath instructing us to love one another, putting the other person’s interests above our own. Many pagans nation’s understand this principle, hence are succeeding. Until this instruction is adhered to, mark my words, Nigeria would continue in this trend”.



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