Daddy Freeze and Sonia Ogiri fight dirty as they tackle each other on Brymo-Idibias saga


It has been an hot exchange of words between On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze and actress, Sonia Ogiri has they tackle each other over Brymo’s accusation on 2baba Idibia.

Brymo had vented out his grievances over how he was poorly treated by the legendary singer over accusation that he sleept with his wife.

According to him, the treatment meted out on him by the singer still leaves with him.

Reacting to his outburst, Daddy Freeze cautioned him for speaking out at a time when 2baba and his wife, Annie Idibia were having a tough time.

Freeze advised him to allow sleeping dogs lie as he believes the timing is wrong.

He further stated that though he wasn’t stopping him from speaking his truth, he only wants him to speak out at a right time as he shouldn’t be kicking a man when he is already down.

Reacting to Daddy Freeze statement, Sonia Ogiri called him out for picking sides with the Idibias without speaking with him.

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She berated him for his poor judgement as she noted how he only supports celebrities who he can benefit from. She questioned if it’s because Brymo is no longer in the limetight that’s why he is tackling him.

She advised him to focus on his fight with Pastors and stop commenting on matters arising on social media.

Daddy Freeze retaliated by calling her with several undespicable names. Calling her “a member of coven of frustrated homosapiens and sub-literate pillock”, who is looking for online carrion to sink her fangs on, he slammed her for commenting on a post that was directed at Brymo alone.

He advised her to get a “rewire for her head”, since she can’t clearly understand a message.

He opined that his post wasn’t being judgemental as he didn’t pick side with any of them nor was he being sympathetic/unsympathetic to anyone.

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He only pointed out the fact that 2face made the allegations privately and at such the issue should be addressed privately.

Not one to be insulted, Sonia Ogiri fired back at him as she mocked him for his unneeded big grammars.

Tackling him, she also noted how Brymo never called him into the matter as he was only talking to 2baba.

She bashed him for constantly living off celebrities, just like he did with Hushpuppi before he was arrested, and for not speaking up for the truth.

She questioned if he was indeed educated as her post wasn’t insultive. She berated him for always being quick to jump into matters without thinking if Brymo had tried reaching out to the singer.

Advising him to stop judging people’s matters, she noted how imperfect he was and how Nigerians where only trying to manage him.


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