Cynthia Morgan Drags Davido


Nigeria singer, Cynthia Morgan has surprisingly taken a swipe at singer, Davido.

The singer in a series of posts threw shade at him and his circles.

Many assumed she was jealous because of the amount of love the singer received from his fans and friends.

Clapping back at the hate comment, she stated that though she isn’t a billionaire, she can easily afford a million naira.

Using his words “We rise by lifting others” against him, she slammed him for publicly begging for money and lashed out at his friends for been ungrateful despite.

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Shading him, she stated that if you have to compel people to celebrate you, then it means there is nothing to celebrate about you.

She took swipe at Davido’s fans calling them unintelligent and ignorant. She noted how she has long known about their low IQ and wasn’t surprised at their “foolery”.

“I said what I said and you can all kill yourselves”.

“I no be billionaire but 1meter na chicken change”.

“If you really rose by lifting others and you’re asking for 1meter publicly then your boys are ungrateful. Make all of una lock up. Poor things”.

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“If you have to compel people to celebrate you, it means there is nothing to be celebrated”.

“Because say all of us they do music no mean say all of us na mate. E be like say una wan mad”.

“I have always known
Davido’s fans to be ignorant and unintelligent since 2016. Lol so I am not surprised at your foolery”.


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