Comedienne Taooma gets called out over failed deal


Nigeria comedienne and skit maker, Taooma,has been called out by a Nigerian filmmaker over poor treatment of client.

The man who was standing in gap for his client, disclosed that the skit maker made a skit for his client, which he was clearly not impressed with.

According to him, Taooma was paid a whooping 1.5million naira for the content but at completion,the client found it unsatisfactory.

The client reached out to her in Hope of a compromise,but her response was shocking and disheartening as she told them to either take it or leave it. This led to the Filmmaker’s outburst as he felt his client’s money just went down the drain.

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Taking to his Twitter handle, he tweeted:



Paid Taooma 1.5m

“She shot video and the client doesn’t like the work done and her position is        TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT

“We are not asking for a full refund, but at least sense of concession will go a long way 

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And you guys wonder how Maraji fell off? For those of you asking ‘What did Maraji do?”

“Maraji didn’t do anything in this situation and she’s a fantastic story teller

” However, ask anyone who has worked with her,and there team, she’s not the easiest person to work with

“Hence the reason for the honest comparison”.

Here is a screenshot of the outburst



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