Comedian AY drags actress Victoria Inyama; she responds



Nigeria ace comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Making popularly known as AY has slammed actress, Victoria Inyama for her irrational comments over an article about him.

The comedian took a swipe at her as he indirectly called her out for being an hypocrite.

Victoria Inyama had earlier made a post where she earned people not to mock the pains of people they have never experienced. The actress made the statement in reaction to arch enemy, Etinosa Idemudia marital woes.

Sharing a screenshot of her post and comments, the comedian berated her for commenting on a post about him as he hopes she doesnot experience the pain he is having.

He wrote:


Victoriainyama preaching to the world 4 days ago in her post on the need to watch the words that comes out of our mouth, and how not to mock a pain we’ve not experienced.


TWO DAYS LATER same victoriainyama publicly commenting on a blog without watching her mouth on a pain I pray she doesn’t experience


A fan who called me his role model in my DM calling me a pimp while commenting on a blog. Just to mention but a few.

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Times are hard in Nigeria and we know a whole lot of people are not happy with their lives, so they usually have all the time in the world to discuss yours. Apart from all the social media entertainment, please know this today, accusations can ruin lives, so before you accuse and condemn you better know what you are talking about. If you didn’t witness it yourself then don’t assume everything you hear to be true. Only a fool speaks without having all the facts. It’s sickening to know that they are people who damage you reputation by making up lies about you just for fun/entertainment. The pathetic part is that so many people believe them without finding out the truth. More so people who naturally don’t like you would also never want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

@Victoriainyama YOU ARE DOING WELL”.


Victoria reacting to his post, said only a fool assumes 6 is 9 while trying to evade  the main subject.

The actress that her comment was harmless and she was not instigating he was having an affair. She further revealed that she was making a plan B to avoid the chaos in Nigeria as stated by Pastor Adefarasin.


“@aycomedian Awwwww i must first say Thank you for using that lovely picture. Its actually one of my favorites.

But hang on…. I made a comment. I would expect you to mention Gistlovers blog not ‘blog’

2nd I guess you take offense with the word ‘date’ A social or romantic appointment or agreement….Social or Romantic… Not definite… Why pick the latter?

I didn’t accuse You of anything?

Sadly, I know times are hard in Nigeria but I may already in my ‘Plan B’ according to Pastor

…. Only a fool assumes 6 is 9 by avoiding the main source of the Gist….

If you really needed this … U should have told your fans that the clip was nothing? But heyy YOU ARE DOING WELL TOO”.








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