Chris Chan Released from Jail on Bond: Controversy Surrounds Alleged Actions

Chris Chan or Christine Chan has reportedly been released from jail on bond. Chan was involved in a controversy that eventually landed him in prison. However, we recently learned that she may be out of jail on bail. But what exactly did Chris Chan do that landed her in jail and what were the charges against her?

Read on to find out more about Chris Chan who got out of jail on bond.

Chris Chan reported that he was out of jail on bond

Christine Chan or popularly known as Chris Chan was a well known YouTuber. She was very popular as an internet personality and vlogger. Her famous work was with the webcomic series Sonichu. But apart from that she was involved in many controversies as well.

She had some serious charges that got her arrested back in August 2021. Post now comes the report that Chris Chan is out of jail on bond. However, many people do not know why Chris Chan was arrested and what charges brought her to jail.

Chris Chan

Why was Chris Chan arrested?

Chris Chan was first arrested on 1 August 2021. The charges against her were serious and disturbing. Because she was arrested on charges of beheading. Back then she was held at the Henrico County Regional Jail, Virginia. When she was arrested by the local County Sheriff, Alisa Gregory.

Gregory said of Chan’s arrest: “Christine Weston Chandler is currently being held at our West Jail facility on one count of battery and awaiting arraignment in Green County, Virginia. Back then, officials had also done a welfare check on Chan’s property.

More about Chan’s release from prison

According to a recent report, Chris Chan was claimed to have gotten out of jail on March 27, 2023 from the Central Virginia Regional Jail. Chan’s release only came after a court order. When someone was said to have paid the bond to get her released.

Although, it is still unknown who paid the band to release Chris Chan. But the reality is that Chris Chan is not out of jail forever. She will once again appear in court on August 8, 2023. Meanwhile, Chris Chan has yet to respond to reports that she has been released from prison.

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