Celebrities don’t help you if they show off their wealth – Reno Omokri advises


Reno Omokri has advised the youths not to get entranced with the lifestyle of celebrities.

According to him, celebrities don’t help you when they flaunt their material things which often times is rented or borrowed.


He noted how their constant showing off, often times put people in debts so has to keep up with their favourite.

To him, if anyone wants to help you out of penury they would teach you how to produce and not how to spend money.

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Speaking on best friends, he stated that a true best friend is one who will show you how to make money and not how to spend it.

He wrote:

No celebrity helps you if they show off their latest private jets, car or bling on social media. Those stunts feed consumerism. People who really want to help you will show you how they make money, not how they spend it. They make you thirsty but provide no water. And some of these things they flaunt are rented, borrowed or acquired via illicit means. They titiliate your senses and you start looking for money to consume and go deeper into the debt hole. Listen to me: Your best friend is the person who teaches you how to produce. Your second best friend is the man who teaches you how to sell”.

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