“By all standards, in 50 years to come,you will never be the woman that I am right now”,Buchi Alexander blast Bobrisky


Nigeria transgender,Buchi Alexandra, has reacted to Bobrisky shade.

The transgender who had uploaded a video slamming Bobrisky for being a stain to the Transgender world, got a clapped back from the queen of Cross dressing as Bobrisky insulted him and called him a pig. Bob went on to share a screenshot of Buchi sliding into his DM begging him for support.

Bob has now responded to the allegation that he came into his DM to beg for support while contesting for an International Transgender pageantry, he revealed that the reason why he DM the socialite was for him to support him as he forayed into the pageantry world. Buchi bragged that by all standards in 50 years to come, Bob can never be the woman he is.

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He wrote:

A Queen would never always remind her subjects of her reign as quwen. I cannot be as petty as you are! Chase clout? With what? Speaking from a place of Pai. And disappointment … I cannot be scared od telling you my mind. Being a millionaire as you claim shouldn’t make you arrogant, proud and indifferent. If I wanna come for you with ur insecurities I know how to go about it! You are the shameless pig here. Always bragging and throwing tantrums! Receive sense and take to corrections… I have prestige unlike you, but if you really wanna drag this… Then you would be disappointed. #speakup #transgirl #real”.

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