BTB Savage’s Mysterious Death: Investigation into Robbery and Shooting Incident

BTB Savage, a Cleveland rapper who lives in River Oaks, was reportedly shot and killed on Thursday, March 30. Several outlets report that he was attacked by two assailants from a black Subaru while he was driving a white Mercedes. In the artist’s social media posts, he bragged about what appeared to be the result of an alleged intruder being shot in his home which is suspected to be the cause of the incident. The Real Fraud rapper can be seen writhing in dried blood on the floor in pictures doing the rounds on the internet.

The door also has multiple bullet holes. A robbery and shooting incident involving BTB Savage’s girlfriend before his death was also revealed to the public. As part of his interview with DJ Vlad, the late rapper told the details of the shooting. According to the First Day Out artist, another rapper approached him for a collaboration during his appearance on DJ Vlad’s YouTube channel. According to the late Cleveland rapper, an unnamed artist contacted him and promised compensation in exchange for a joint feature.

BTB Savage Shot Who? Houston Rapper Killed Hours After Sharing Photo of Robbery Incident

According to reports, BTB Savage was killed Thursday, March 30, in Houston after he shared his account on a prominent YouTube channel about the killing of a man he allegedly tried to rob in the Alamo City. ABC 13 reported that a man was shot and killed in his vehicle around 6 pm Thursday in Houston’s River Oak neighborhood. The shooting appears to have been targeted, according to Houston police. A video published this week by VladTV, a YouTube channel with 5.46 million subscribers, shows the rapper responding to an attempted robbery outside his downtown San Antonio apartment. Two men robbed him and his girlfriend, who was living with her son at the time, without mentioning the date or location of the incident. According to BTB Savage, who wrote the 30-minute interview that has received more than a million views, a man approached him about doing a collaborative song, saying that this man asked to work with him several times. Despite the man being accompanied by an older person when he arrived at the rapper’s home studio, he let them into his apartment anyway.

Regarding the two men he knew and the man’s uncle, BTB Savage describes having a strange feeling about them but continued with the recording plan. Eventually, the older man told the younger man to go out to the car to get music equipment, which he did, causing BTB Savage to nervously lock the door. As the rapper describes it, the older man, 34, pulled out his gun and demanded the rapper give him his jewelery when the rapper locked the door, leading to a cascade of of a gun between the two men who were visiting and the rapper’s girlfriend. The rapper claims he confronted the attacker, who allegedly had two guns while trying to get his girlfriend to shoot him. As BTB Savage tells it, during the chaotic encounter, he shot the man who could be a thief several times and the rapper was also hit in the elbow. Neither of them had ever shot a person before. Police interviewed him and his girlfriend about the attempted robbery, but did not charge them because they were acting in self-defense. In the interview, BTB Savage revealed that he injured himself and his girlfriend while leading his son to safety. Although he did not directly identify his girlfriend, he referred to her as “a real hoot” when recalling the incident.

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