Bobrisky Sends Love To His Hospitalised Ex P.A Oye Kyme


Nigeria crossdresser, Bobrisky has reached out to his former personal assistant, Oye Kyme who has been admitted after testing positive to corona virus.

Oye had taken to her Instagram page to announce the sad news with her fans.

She revealed that she and her family were devastated over the sad news. Oye added that she was going off social media to recover.

Reacting to the news, Bobrisky prayed for her quick recovery.

Putting aside his differences with her, Bobrisky sent lots of love to her as he hoped for her to get back on her fear.

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He wrote:

Oye I wish you quick recovery. Sending you love”.

Many of his were amazed at his such of love to a lady who has constantly dragged him online and spilled dirt’s about it. Many praises him for his maturity and good heart.

While others praised him, a critic saw his post as a means of gaining attention. The critic stated that his prayers for her was not from his heart.

Bobrisky countered him as he noted how he has 4.1 million followers, which was enough attention for him.

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Not from the heart just trying to gain attention”.

“Really? I don’t need attention at this point of my life, is 4.1 million not too much attention already?
Please learn to focus all this hate in what you do to fetch you money please”.

Another fan berated him for wishing a dead person quick recovery.

Bobrisky debunked the rumours of her death, as he stated that she was only sick.

Quick recovery for someone that is dead”.

“She can’t be dead she is sick”.



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