Bobrisky lists all his acquisitions as he brags about his wealth


Nigeria crossdresser, Bobrisky, has taken to his social media page to brag about the material wealth he has acquired over his years of fame.

Bobrisky rose to fame following his  constant wearing of female clothes and accessories. The crossdresser has been able to make himself a lot of Fortune from his weird lifestyle.

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The socialite has now listed all his achievements, as he bragged about dating 10 of Nigerians richest guys.

He wrote:

“Meet Bobrisky

She is 28years super rich

She is beautiful

She own houses in Lekki

Her garage is lit…with mad machines

She is so famous

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She is dating top 10 richest guy in Nigeria

OMG she slay hand down more than d real gender

She is an ambassador to 15 different brands

She has d best heart ever

She has helped a lot of Nigerians, home and abroad. Pls let her brag o”



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