Bobrisky brags about his achievements


Nigeria crossdresser, Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram page to brag about his achievements as a crossdresser.

Bobrisky described himself as the most talked about in Africa and who dates billionaires codedly.

He went on to list his achievements which includes owning 3 luxury cars, a Range Rover, gle 43 Benz, and a Cla sport. He also noted how he built his first house in Lekki in 2018.

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He also noted how he has many female haters who feel threatened by his existence  He challenged those mocking him for always using filters to look beautiful to do theirs.

He wrote:

Meet Bobrisky who has collected the female gender from the real owner.
Bob drives 3 amazing cars, Range Rover, gle 43 Benz and Cla sport.
She bought her first house three years ago in Lekki.
Bobrisky is d most talk about in Africa
She is beautiful
Bobrisky dates billionaire codedly
Bobrisky has many haters especially women who feel threaten by her look
If filter makes me look this beautiful please use your own filter
Bobrisky is an ambassador to 10 brands both in Nigeria and oversea.
Don’t have be honest I tried
If easy run am too”.

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