Bobrisky and Mompha were dating – Bobrisky’s former P.A, Oye Kyme says as she spills more about the crossdresser


Crossdresser Bobrisky’s former personal assistant, Oye Kyme has spilled dirt about him.

Recall, that the Ivorian lady was a fan of the crossdresser who he brought to Nigeria to work as his P. A. Things went sour between the two as Oye alleged that the crossdresser was always physically assaulting her.

Oye Kyme’s has opened more can of worms about the crossdresser as she engaged in a Question and Answer session with her followers.

She revealed that Bobrisky is ugly as he relies on makeup daily to make himself beautiful. She also stated that the popular crossdresser doesn’t sleep without make up and also wears his wig starting from his front head because of his baldness.

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She added that the crossdresser has a dick and has not gone under the knife as he is scared of it.

The most shocking revelation was when she claimed the crossdresser had an affair with married billionaire, Mompha.

When a fan asked her if Bobrisky is fine or he is only using make up, she wrote:

It’s makeup
his having bear and his bear is full of pimples so even if we shave it he have to put alot of foundation to hide it he is a man a real man is even bald that is why he always wear his wig starting from his front head so that people will not notice that he is not having hair.

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He always sleep with make up on his face till morning so just imagine.

He stand and pee so is having a dick for sure I never see him bending down to pee always stand to pee”.

When a fan inquired about the rumours of the crossdresser with Mompha, she confirmed it was true as she stated how Bobrisky always talked about him.

She said:
“They were dating before it came from his own mouth, the were dating”.

See her claims below,


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