Blessing Okoro Shames Those Who Thought She Was Worthless


Instagram relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has revealed how she was blacklisted by many because of her character.

Blessing while reminiscing on her childhood noted how many condemned her because her stubborn personality.

She revealed that they thought she wouldn’t amount to anything because of her rough behavior.

According to her, she was the kind of kid whose future one could predict.

She further revealed that her life was different as she was always going down while others with good behavior were going up.

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Surprised by how her life changed, Blessing revealed that she always felt proud when her eulogises her.

She added that those who thought she would be useless in life, she is doing better than them and their kids.

She encouraged those children who are like her to never give up as their parents would surely be proud of them one day.

Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote:

“Growing up I was that kind of kid you could think you could predict our outcome and future. We stubborn, get coconut head, everything about us was different. Them they go up, we they go down. They called us black sheep of the family, But today so proud my mum can look at me and say Nkiruka I am proud of you”.

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“To all the coconut head children no worry over time mama and papa go hail you – some people were so certain I will be useless, I don better pass their children. Be stubborn with VISION”.


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