Blessing Okoro Builds Her First House


Therapist and intellectual entertainer, Blessing Okoro would soon join the leagues of Lagos Landlady’s.

The relationship expert has her house underworks. She gave her fans an update on the progression been made, as she revealed that the house would be ready in December.


Announcing the good news to her fans, Blessing Okoro reflected on the time she was mocked and insulted on the internet for building an audio house.

In 2019, Blessing claimed to be a house owner when she posted a photo of herself in front of a mansion.

The therapist who was about clocking 30 claimed the house was hers.

When friends of the real owner of the house sent him photos of her post, he ignored it.

Blessing took to her Instagram live to debunk rumours of her not owning  the house. She went on to blast the real owner of the house, Onyeze China.

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She was challenged by her fans to take more pictures of the house which she did it it backfired on her.

When Blessing got to the house, she met Onyeze who warned her to tell the truth on her Instagram page which she didn’t. Rather than admit her wrong, Blessing showed off more exterior to her fans to prove her lies.

She was later handcuffed and made to do a confession on her Instagram live.

This news went viral as many Nigerians dragged her for her fake lifestyle.

Noting how things has changed, Blessing Okoro thanked all who insulted her as they unknowingly drew her into her success story.

She revealed that the insults kept her pushing and determined to succeed and for everytime she was been mocked, she was busy building her house.

Blessing Okoro further revealed that she has a street to name, BCEO Avenue and her house was the Nigeria version of White House.

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Sharing a clips at the progression been made, she wrote:

“House party loading.
Tell them say BCEO Don build the house”.

December i will show you the final result. This is the process, we they call White House and I am taking the street.
Look out for BCEO Avenue.
Audio to Video
I refused to be rich only on Instagram.
Paul say I picked up the stone nobody threw at me and build mansion in the air, that line pain me.
For everytime they mocked me on Instablog I was building.
The insult kept me pushing and determined I swear. They dragged me to my success story. I can’t thank you people enough. Thanks for not giving up on me”.

See the video of the house below,


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