Bisi Alimi Reveals His 2022 Goals


As we enter a new age, many have drafted out plans and visions for the year and Bisi Alimi is not an exception.

The LGBTQ activist has shared his goals for the year.

He stated that this year is his year of getting things done, taking things easy, simple and being realistic.

He listed out the 12 things he plans to do for the year.

He promises to sleep well, ear well, love intentionally, be lazy, work hard, make more money, build network, invest in start ups, expand his businesses, be more authentic, laugh more and be an Angelic troublemaker.

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He affirmed that whatsoever he sets his mind on to do, no matter how inconsequential it might look, he promises to give it his best shot.

We are going to keep it easy, simple and realistic this year. It is my year of “getting it done”

This year I will

1 – sleep well
2 – eat well
3 – love intentionally
4 – be lazy
5 – work hard
6 – make more money
7 – build my network
8 – invest in start ups
9 – expand my businesses
10 – be more authentic
11 – laugh more
12 – be more Angelic troublemaker

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In a nutshell, this year, whatever I set my mind to do, no matter how inconsequential it might look, I promise to do it well cos that the best gift I can give me”.


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