Bisi Alimi laments over Nigeria as he drags religious leaders



LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi has lashed out at Nigerian pastors for their hypocrisy.

The actor cum activist while lamenting over the country, took shot at pastors who enrich themselves from their poor congregation pockets.

He tackled them for having heavy security despite constantly preaching that the Lord is their shepherd.

He complained about how religious leaders have become more honorable than doctors and how pastors who join forces with politicians to milk the country still ask their congregation to pray for the country.

In another post, he noted how the poor give to thier rich pastor believing that God would bless them in ten folds.

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He noted how the rich pastors smile to their banks in their luxury cars while the poor trek hoping for a miracle.

He added that there is no godly or spiritual person as they are all liars.

He wrote:

Nigeria, a country where pastors don’t trust their congregation and come to church with heavy security but tell the congregation that the Lord is their shepherd.
Nigeria, a place where being a pastor or imams is more honourable than being a doctor or researcher or innovator.
Nigeria, a country where pastors tell the congregation to pray for the nation while they partner with politicians to milk the country dry”.

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“Nigeria, a country where every Sunday, the poor gives money to the rich pastors while expecting God to double the money 10x.
The rich pastors smile to the bank in a limo and the poor trek home hoping for a miracle.
Nigeria, a country where everyone lies to everyone about how godly and spiritual they are and everyone knows that everyone is lying cos no one is actually godly or spiritual”.


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