BBN Wathoni Anyansi And Tochi In Hot Exchange


BBN Shine ya eyes ex housemate, Wathoni Anyansi and Tochi recently had an heated argument over Wathoni’s revelation on why she lost an endorsement.

Wathoni had earlier taken to her Twitter page to reveal how she lost an endorsement because she wasn’t controversial.

She urged her colleagues to be themselves as long as it brings food to their table.

Was going to sign another endorsement before the year ends but they withdrew because I am not “controversial”
Omoooo my colleagues do you all the way if it bring food on the table”.

Her colleague, Tochi reacted to her post and reprimanded her for trying to act like everyone is against her.

He noted how she is loved by people including himself.

He stated that she has exhibited such behavior for too long.

A lot of people are acting like everyone else and they are not curious! Why! “Conformity”

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@wathonianyansi people love you! For real! I do! You need to stop acting like everyone is out to get you, this behavior have lasted for too long now!”.

Infuriated by his post, Wathoni took a swipe at him.

She accused him of clout chasing and for always think highly of himself.

She went on to share screenshot of his private message to her where he apologised for lashing out at her at the reunion.

She told him to always how everything in public and stop reaching out to her in private to apologise.

Stay pressedttttt!!

Clout chaser

Captioning the screenshot, she wrote:

Let’s show everything in public Tochi. @tochi.official Don’t go in private like this apology and come and ask silly questions!!!!
My life my business.
Stay off!!!!!!”.

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Having the last laugh, Tochi stated that the screenshot was unnecessary as it was after the reunion, which was held in June.

He noted how the screenshot only shows what he has been lecturing her on.

He went on to reaffirm his love for her and how he truly cares about her as he advised her to learn how to let go of grudges.

This screenshot is from June, so it’s totally unnecessary! I sent it after the reunion” it shows the same thing I’m saying” I texted you because I cared! You didn’t reply! That why I didn’t text you directly! About this! But am glad you saw it! You’re beautiful! Elegant! Just learn to let go of grudge cause am sure everyone has moved on! And see the love, I don’t have time to be doing this before I fall for site“.

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