Banky W blasts the government as he admonished Nigerians not to vote for any candidate above 65


Nigeria singer, Banky Wellington has reacted to the government intent on banning the micro blogging platform, Twitter.

The singer lambasted the Federal government as he took a dig at their inability to maintain security in the country. He stated that the government cannot provide solutions to the surging increase in insecurity in the country, yet they can suspend Twitter.

The singer cum politician further urged Nigerians to avoid voting for any political candidates who is above 65 in the next election. He added that Nigerians should create an hashtag too old to run which would ban anyone who is above 65, which is the country’s retirement age,from contesting in any election.

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He tweeted:

Nigerian Government bans Twitter and announce the ban ON Twitter. You can’t make this up. Clueless.

They can’t stop kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism….the country is as unsafe as ever…yet they can seize passports and block bank accounts of  peaceful protesters. They ban crypto currency. They ban Twitter. Completely out of touch with the plight of young people.

The retirement age in Nigeria is 65. What if we decide not to vote for anyone above 65? Regardless of party. If you’ll be over 65 at the time of elections, we won’t vote for you. It’ll at least eliminate an entire group that has had enough opportunities to fix this mess.

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We did #NotToYoungToRun. Can we consider doing #NowToOldToRule? If you are over 65, you’ve had your chance to help fix this mess. Isn’t it time for that entire geneeation to rest? The Nigerian Government should not be a retirement home. It’s worth a though. It’s worth a shot.

I know being young does not guarantee good leadership. But at least a younger crop of candidates reduces the possibility of us being stuck with leaders who are completely out of touch with young people. We can then focus on Competence, Character & Credibility #NowToOldToRule”.


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