Bam Margera screamed at his estranged wife before intoxication arrest

A video is circulating on social media showing Bam Margera screaming at his estranged wife moments before he was arrested for public drunkenness.

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Bam Margera demanded of his wife in front of their son

The latest viral video of Bam Margera shows his feud with his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd. Moreover, it seems that he is upset with her because she is not letting him spend time with her son, Phoenix.

Additionally, at one point during the video, Margera was seen telling Boyd, ‘Phoenix has a mind of its own.’

He then insisted that his son wants to spend time with him. Furthermore, he shouts at Boyd saying, ‘Let him have his own mind.’

Furthermore, Margera stomps his feet on the ground when he punctuates his claim.

Meanwhile, before leaving the restaurant, Margera continues to scream, adding, ‘Why do you want me to stay f****** five days? F****** f***!!!’

If you didn’t know, Boyd requested legal and physical custody of Phoenix. It came before she filed for divorce from Margera earlier this year.

Boyd claimed in his statement that Margera was allegedly drunk the last time he visited her son.

Boyd’s attorney, David Glass, issued a statement after his client’s filings.

He said, ‘Nikki Margera felt compelled to file for legal separation from her husband, Bam Margera, due to his continued drug and alcohol abuse, erratic behavior, and failure to provide support for her and her son.’

Afterwards, the people in the restaurant mentioned that Margera came into the establishment alone. He then went to the table where Boyd was eating with his son.

More on Bam Margera’s latest arrest

According to reports, law enforcement arrived at the Thai restaurant in Burbank, California on Wednesday March 29th around 3:45 pm.

In addition, he was taken into custody for yelling at a woman inside the restaurant.

Although the police initially tried to diffuse the story, they were eventually forced to arrest Margera on misdemeanor public drunkenness charges.

Meanwhile, the Jackass alum recently had his son’s name in Arabic and tattooed it above his eyebrow.

Margera then took to her Instagram account to show off her new tattoo.

He captioned the post with a caption reading, ‘I miss Phoenix the wolf. I had to put his name on my face to remind Nikki that she is breaking my heart and not let me see it.’


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