Andrew Tate’s Shirtless Prison Release Video Gets Trolled Online

Internet personality Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were taken out of custody and are currently under house arrest. A judge rejected the bail application for these two on Wednesday. The brothers and their alleged accomplices were released from prison following a decision by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. The video of Andrew Tate smoking while pacing around his house surfaced during the brothers’ time at their residence. As a result of his appearance, netizens were left stunned. Since December, Tristan and Andrew Tate have been detained. After being arrested for human trafficking, rape, and creating an organized crime group, they are accused of being involved in organized crime.

Despite the accusations, the brothers have vehemently denied them. Andrew Tate posted a message on his official Twitter account after his release. Along with the tweet, he attached a video that shows him looking more muscular than usual. As he walked back and forth, he was seen smoking. In addition, the 36-year-old had a lot of hair on his head, compared to the bald look he is known for. The Internet was shocked when Andrew Tate’s appearance changed. The fact that he ended up in prison surprised many people. Some people have pointed out online that this is the beginning of the “villain arc” of the internet personality.

After his release from prison, Andrew Tate was featured on No Rhino Video

Controversial internet personalities Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate have been released from custody and placed under house arrest. An appeal court judge rejected their bail application on Wednesday. This led to the release of the brothers and their alleged accomplices from prison by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. A video has been uploaded online of Andrew Tate lounging around his house smoking while spending time at home with his brothers. As soon as he was released, Andrew Tate took to his official Twitter account to say: I’ve been locked up 24 hours for the past year. No yard work. Zero contact with the outside or electronics in a 3 meter cell. Mental clarity is complete. My thoughts are true. Real plans. A pain that is vivid. After an hour at home, I can’t stand my phone. Some habits can be hard to break. Shaytan must be defeated. Internet users were surprised when Andrew Tate’s appearance changed. The fact that he ended up in prison surprised many. A few comments said: Bro is about to start his villain arc.

Others online wrote that this was the start of the Internet personality’s “villain arc.” According to one user, he now looks more menacing with hair. According to a third user, Andrew Tate is returning to being a teenager without manipulating a father. In December, Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate were arrested. This follows their arrests for human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. These allegations have been vehemently denied by the brothers. Their colleagues Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu were also arrested during the arrest of the Tate brothers. Along with the two influencers, they have since been released. If they do not have judicial permission to leave, the four must stay in their homes. Tristan Tate said as he walked ahead of his brother: The judges made the right decision today. They have done me a great service, and I can’t wait to prove my innocence and they will base their decision on it. Andrew Tate was recently named a “Romanian sex trafficker” and a “toxic masculinity coach” by the show South Park.

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