Actress, Stella Damasus and ex husband shade each other


Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Stella Damasus, and her once loved husband, Daniel Ademinoka , took to their various social media accounts to shade each other.

The actress was married to her colleague’s,Doris Simeon’s ex husband, for over 6 years before they decided to call it quits in 2020.

Speculation about their divorce started when the couple unfollowed each other on social media and neither of them debunked or confirmed the rumours of their separation.

In September, news made the rounds that the couple were alleged to have separated after living together since their union in 2014.

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To celebrate Christmas, Stella uploaded photos of her and her daughter’s as she calls them her only family, which insinuated that she was no longer married to Ademinokan.

Daniel Ademinokan had taken to his Instagram page to warn his followers to be weary of which motivational speaker they listen to as most of them need help themselves.

This is no doubt a shade to his ex wife as Stella is known as a motivational speaker online, the actress through her mails always advice people.

He wrote:

Br sure that the driver of the motivation vehicle you are jumping into is not blind. Your therapist may be the one who needs therapy”.

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Stella fired back at him as she referred to him as a “narcissist” who always demands her loyalty without reciprocity.

She wrote:

Narcissits demand your loyalty and respect without reciprocity. They’ll become infuriated if you question them, and their contempt will be expressed with rage, the silent treatment, patronizing, gaslighting, etc. When the relationship ends, you’ll have to reset your brain to Communicate without fear of a psychological assault”.






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