Actress, Eriata Ese Defends Annie Idibia Admist Marital Troubles


Nollywood actress, Eriata Ese has defended her married colleague, Annie Idibia following her troubles with her her husband’s family.

In September, Annie Idibia in a series of posts had called out her husband and his family for taking her for granted.

Annie claimed that the singer’s family had never loved her since she got married to the singer. She stated that his family have hated her despite all her efforts to win their hearts.

She revealed how his brother, Hyacinth Idibia took in him and his babymama, Pero Osaiyemi in his house. She also revealed how his recent trip to US which was without her knowledge, was planned with his cousin and manager.

Following the recent video of his relatives gushing over Pero Osaiyemi who is presently in Nigeria. A twitter user had called out Annie Idibia for painting her in laws in a bad light.

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He noted how the Idibias shower Pero with love and accept her, unlike Annie claims. He stated that Annie must have a questionable character for her in laws to hate her.

He advised her to evaluate her attitude to gain the family’s affection.

He wrote:

Annie needs to reevaluate her attitude.
The way 2baba’s family love and accept Pero shows that they are not bad people contrary to what she tried to make us believe. If someone is good to every other person except you, you might be the problem”.

Reacting to his tweet, Eriata Ese tackles him as she noted how some in-laws except women to do their bidding. She noted how some women succumb to this while others put up a tough stand.

Sharing lessons on what she has noticed about some family, she stated that so in-laws expect the wife to worship the like God. Such families could hate you, for not kneeling to greet them.

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She asserted that the only way a woman can show her true colour to her husband’s family is wen her parents are financially buoyant than her in-laws.

She wrote:

“Some women naturally don’t know how to kiss their in-laws ass, while some were born to do that.
One thing I have noticed with marrying into some families; if you are not worshipping them like God; they will never like you, mind you this doesn’t mean you don’t respect them o, the fact that you don’t kneel down to greet can make them hate you. The only way you can get away with being yourself with some in-law na say your family get money pass your husband family and na your papa dey pay for everything”.



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