Actress Chioma Ifemeludike Counters Tonto Dikeh


Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has taken to her social media page to tackle her colleague, Tonto Dikeh for appealing to Nigerians to overlook journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

Kemi Olunloyo during an Instagram live session had revealed that the late Sylvester Oromoni had died after agreeing to be tortured by his schoolmates.

She stated that the deceased wanted to join the fraternity and at such had to pass through their rigorous training of been tortured and made to drink poison.

Tonto Dikeh had taken to her Instagram page to urge the public against been distracted by her rantings.

In a series of Instagram video, TD pleaded with them on the need to stay focus and fight for the deceased justice.

Chioma Ifemeludike who didn’t agree with her post immediately countered her for asking Nigerians to ignore her.

She questioned why the public shouldn’t send her to where she belongs as she is believed to be crazy.

She noted how the journalist can’t keep hurting people with her words.

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Ifemeludike demanded for Olunloyo to present an empirical fact to her claims.

She averred that such sentimental post has gotten Nigerians to where it presently is by always making excuses for the wrong people at strategic positions.

Ignore that kemical woman for what!?, everyone saying she is crazy. So, if she’s crazy why not we send her where she belongs? She can’t keep hurting people with her words, this time we demand an empirical fact to her claims!”.

“This is the sentiment that got us where we are as a people, always making excuses for the wrong people at strategic positions. To come up with such accusations, as a self acclaimed professional journalist she must provide pragmatic and verifiable evidence. People must understand that there are consequences in everything we do it say, yes we don’t have to throw stones at every dog we see on our way but we have to clamp down on they ones that won’t let’s us move in peace…. She is not a distraction, she is a co-conspirator. She has a lot to explain, as cultism consultant!”.

Following Ifemeludike reply and the backlash she got for her post, Dikeh denied supporting Kemi Olunloyo not backing her.

She denied been a friend, click mate to the journalist or having any feelings for and towards her.

She reiterated that her intention was to stop the distraction.

She declared that she was ready to sign any petition to charge her legally for her statement as she needs to be accountable to the law and not to the public for disrupting court investigation.

She revealed how angry she was for responding to her colleague, who she called “that lady”.

She announced that she wouldn’t be tolerating any distraction and wouldn’t be further speaking on it.


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