Actress, Beverly Osu cautions clout chasers against clout chasing


Nollywood actress, Beverly Osu has aired her displeasure about the high rate of clout chasers on social media.

The BBN reality star, questioned why many derive pressure in living for the gram. She expressed her dismay over how many seek public validation and appraisal rather than their own inner peace.

Using herself as an example, the actress stated that she has been in the industry for over 10 years and is still learning and growing. She went on to urge her followers to better chase Direction rather than speed.

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She further noted that there are many who beautiful their outside while their brain lacks meaningful knowledge and their soul is confused.

She admonished people to focus on “INNER PEACE”, as she claims it is the key as a lot of people face challenges. She concluded by urging them not to add more stress to their soul because of “misplaced priorities” and external pressure.

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