Actress Angela Okorie Lashes Out At Her Celebrity Foes


Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has publicly shaded “certain” celebrities for constantly attacking her.

The no-nonsense actress poted out her anger on them via a lengthy post she shared on her Instagram page.

Referring to them as a “quack, cheap, dumb and low class celebrities with no pedigree”, she warned them to put respect on her “big” name and stop trolling her with fake accounts because of their low self esteem and inferiority complex.

She told them to keep her at arm’s length as she wouldn’t allow anyone destroy the career and fame she has built for years.

She noted how some of them still beg for roles while running elections for people in power cause of her influence.

She also chided their fans who despite haven benefitted from her still troll her because they don’t want to acknowledge her strong influence.

She vowed to disgrace them and their families if they don’t avoid her.

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“I want to set the record straight, To all them dumb Quack, cheap, low class tacky so called “Dem say you be Celebrity, with No pedigree.
Put respect on my Big name Okay see Before you start with your low self esteem and inferiority complex opening fake accounts to chat shit ask yourself where were you as of 15 to 17 years ago, I have been grinding for years and won’t let any Mugu Touch what I have worked so hard to build, knowing some of Dem still Dey beg for role as of when I Dey run elections for people in power cos of my Crowd, Don’t go there ooo Hmmmm street credibility No be choice We Don’t even know you Legendary No be Social Media if you know you know
Even your fans who benefitted from this fame of mine from years back still beefing me lowkey won’t tell themselves D truth and stop deceiving and lying to themselves and to the people, very anyhow things them.
Just see small fame on social media Dem Dey jump up and down like frog wey dey inside water, if you Jonse abeg avoid me o cos I go disgrace you and your family Dem No Dey Call Me #Legitqueen for nothing.
Them go wear real designers E go be like say Na garri sack Dem sow wear for body, as in no levels hisss.
Local things with Local and poor mindset. Meanwhile, if Angela never post them no go see copy No be the cloth Na who wear am, Free the matter and be at peace.
Only One Legit Queen.
Meanwhile, shout out to all my fans in Abraka.
This is Good music tour abraka 2017 I feel like throwings things back Issa Throwback I never Dey sing O
Abeg which year I start music self cos my brain is Hot now”.

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