A true charitable heart doesn’t need motivation – Shan George


Ace Nollywood actress, Shan George has cleared the air on her previous statement on charity.

Olorinews recalls that the actress declared that she has no respect for those who announce their charitable works.

According to her, she has no respect for those who don’t keep their camera and loudspeakers at home while helping the needy.

She wrote:

“Abeg, feel free to reason am as u like o, as for me, I hv no single respect for anyone who doesn’t keep their camera and their loudspeakers at home, while helping d needy”.

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Her post sparked mixed reactions as many didn’t agree with her statement.

Reiterating her words, she stated that if anyone needs to see others doing good before getting motivated, he or she is a copy cat.

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She opined that a true charitable heart doesn’t need motivation to carry out good deeds.

If u need to see another person for good, before u do good. U r just copy copy busybody. E be u like say those wey carry camera and loudspeaker no dey do good abi? Ode”.

“A true charitable heart does not need motivation to do good, from any human”.


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