6 Things You Should Know Before Using VPN in Nigeria


Using VPN Safely in Nigeria 2021

Twitter Ban In Nigeria

With the latest news making round the social media within the last 24hours stating that the Federal Government of Nigeria placed a ban on all Twitter Operations in Nigeria just because someone got offended for Twitter Rules being implemented on his account recently.

…well, it’s no fake news but 100% true that you can’t access Twitter from Nigeria again indefinitely (as long as the people in question stay angry) and are not ready to terms with the fact that this is the age of technology (there’s little you can do to restricting an entire country from accessing a particular platform).

6 Things To Know Before Using VPN in Nigeria

With all that being said; another trend surfaced from last night where a lot of Nigerians are beginning to find new ways around the ban to still accessing their Twitter accounts with the use of an app called VPN (Virtual Private Network) which grants users access using foreign IP Address(es) to use certain apps/websites blacklisted from a certain geographical location (e.g. Banning Twitter in Nigeria).

While you enter your new freedom to use Twitter NG, here are some apps you should not forget to use when connected to a VPN.

  1. First thing you should know is that the installed VPN on your phone will make your phone start heating (that’s the prize you have to pay for going ghost-mode)
  2. Do not by mistake launch your PayPal App/Account with VPN (even via browser)
  3. Do not launch your Binance or some other Crypto related Apps while using the VPN installed on your mobile device or desktop computer.
  4. Do not try even by mistake to launch your Mobile Bank App with any VPN whether FREE & PAID.
  5. Careful what you Tweet with your new location changer (VPN), because somehow this thoughtless move by the FG will come to an end.
  6. Finally, careful where you enter and how you run your mouth in public that you are using VPN to access Twitter (you don’t know who is closeby listening) – them fit change am for you and nothing go happen because your government dey vex.

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