2 settlers charged with terror for attacking Palestinians in Huwara with ax, stones

Two settlers accused of terror for attacking Palestinians in Huwara with axes, stones

Two Israeli settlers have been charged with terror offenses for attacking Palestinians in the West Bank town of Huwara with axes and stones, law enforcement officials say.

According to the Shin Bet security agency, Hanoch Rabin, from the illegal outpost of Givat Ronen, and Raz Giron, from the hardline Yitzhar settlement, were detained by police on March 13 for the attack a week earlier on March 6.

During the incident, captured by surveillance cameras, several masked settlers are seen hurling at Palestinians in Huwara.

At one point, one settler is seen attacking a car with Palestinians using an axe.

The indictment against the pair includes various terrorism charges.

The Shin Bet accuses Rabin and Giron of being part of a “violent group whose aim is to harm the Palestinians as well as disrupt the activities of the security forces in dealing with Palestinian terror prevention and to maintain public peace in the area.”

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