Jamil Abubakar shares outrageous demand from a fan


The son of the former IG of Police, Jamil Abubakar, has shared an outrageous demand a fan requestion of him.

The son in law if Africa’s richest man revealed that an Indian fan of his as asked him to give him an huge about if money so he could save his country from poverty.

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The fan said India was filled with poverty and starvation and had asked Jani to Helo him in bringing his dream of a better India to live.

According to the fan, he needs 135,000 million dollars to be able to give the citizens in his country a better life.

See the screenshot below;



Reacting to it, Jamil revealed that this was the most outrageous DMs he has ever received from people.

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He wrote:

I mean I have received some requests in this life but this is by far the GOAT, he is asking for $135 million USD if I’ll be kind”.



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